**From the Chairman:
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Bishop Alfonso Madden
Suffragan Bishop
Frank H. Stewart
District Elder
Harold McDonald
Asst. Chairman
Council Dates
Welcome to Arkansas District Council Website. On behalf of our Diocesan Bishop
Alfonso Madden, First Lady Evangelist Priscilla Madden & the Executive Board of the ADC,
we would like to extend a welcome and invitation to any of our up coming Council meeting.
You can get knowledge of who God is & understanding of the reading of his Word. This site is
here for you. So thank you for visiting us.
From the Desk of  the Council Chairman:
The new theme for the next four years -- "It's All About the Kingdom!" This theme, for which I am extremely excited, admonishes us:
  • To work together to achieve the greater good.
  • To work together as a spiritual team to build God’s kingdom and prepare the body of Christ for Heaven.
  • To not leave any Christian behind in this journey.
  • To not rest until we reach the oneness, singularity, and harmony Jesus prayed for the Disciples to have during His
  • tenure with them.
Remember, working together in unity, we can have it all! See you in upcoming Council, if the  Lord says the same!