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Pastor Stewart has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ for 35 years and Pastoring for 23 years. God has highly
anointed him and blessed him with an exciting teaching ministry, a powerful preaching ministry, an unbelievable
counseling ministry, and a profound writing ministry. God has truly shown favor on his powerful ministry!

Pastor Stewart grew up attending Christ Temple Pentecostal Church in Forrest City, AR. Later he attended his former
Diocesan Bishop's churches, First Pentecostal in North Little Rock, AR, and Christ Temple Church in Little Rock. In
1982, he hearkened to the voice of the Lord to go to Oklahoma City, OK. There, he became a member of Greater
First Deliverance Temple, under the leadership of Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Sr. In 1990, he became Pastor and founder
of the Agape Community Church in Conway, AR, which grew by leaps and bounds and is now the Agape Community
Temple of Servants (A.C.T.S.). After transitioning the LR and NLR saints out of the Conway edifice, the ACTS church
opened a new church worship facility in January of 2007 in Little Rock, AR in the ACTS Plaza. After the very first
service, the church experienced phenomenal growth, which made it necessary that we have two Morning Worship
Services each week. Since this transition, the Lord has blessed the LR church to move to a New 56,000 sq. ft. Church
edifice, which is located in North Little Rock.

After this move, which took 80 to 90 percent of the members out of the Conway church, the Lord has already
doubled the membership in Conway and has increased the College student membership by leaps and bounds.
We are currently looking for a larger facility in Conway to accommodate the members.

Pastor Stewart has served in many capacities over the years. He has been a Sunday School Superintendent, Bible
Bowl Coordinator on a local and state level, Hospitality Chairman, Oklahoma State Council Men's Ministry Director,
Oklahoma State Council Executive Board Lay Member, Arkansas District Council Young People's President, and
Pastoral Assistant to Bishop Vanuel C. Little Sr., just to name a few.

Pastor Stewart has truly been blessed by God to prosper in whatever he puts his hands to. He has been featured
in the International Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Minister's Wives Light Magazine and has ministered on the
radio throughout the state of Arkansas. He is an excellent father, a true-loving husband, a man of wonderful
people-skills, one who lives by (Jesus') example, one with top corporate-world skills, and most of all, he is
constantly being promoted by Jesus in the spiritual realm and in the Kingdom of God. Living by Proverbs 4:4-5,
which speaks of receiving wisdom, retaining it, and having an understanding from the Lord, along with Acts 2:38,
which states that you must be baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of sins, Pastor Stewart teaches with the
guidance of the Lord, the skills for obtaining salvation, enjoying a peaceful life, and keeping a one-on-one relationship
with Jesus. It is all about making it into the Kingdom of Heaven and doing the will of our Father. Pastor Stewart is
radio and television personality that everyone is talking about, and is the Host of the "Words to Empower" radio
broadcast, which airs everyday each week. He can also be seen every Sunday Morning for half an hour on our
weekly Television Broadcast on CW Arkansas throughout all of Central Arkansas.

Pastor Stewart founded the Agape Community Church in Conway with his wife, Jacqueline, and at that time,
their two small children. Through the anointing, during the first 9 years of Agape, he wrote the Sunday School
Manuals, and has written many personalized and outstanding books. Pastor Stewart continues to write various
study manuals. Some of his manuals include: "The Building Blocks for a Successful Relationship," "Family Under
Attack," "The Power of Prayer," "Exploring the Holy Spirit," "The Church is a Hospital," "The Murmurings of Israel,
" "Obstacle and Deliverance," The Kingdom Series," and "The Rarest Jewel." He is the author of Father Deficiency,
The Most Needed Vitamin in America", which is a book that deals with society's root of most social ills, Father
Deficiency. He has won the AIDA Ford Scholar Book Award from the PAW Christian Education Association for
his book "Father Deficiency". His outstanding preaching, teaching, and ministering that God has blessed him to
deliver, has been the key to the "tremendous growth" of the church in just 20+ years. In 1999, God blessed him
to build a magnificent new church edifice, which has already doubled in membership. He has also undertaken other
building projects, which include the "ACTS Plaza" Mini Mall and his own new home. Under the guidance of the
Lord Jesus, Pastor Stewart acquired a 56,000 square foot church edifice for ACTS II, which is now in North Little
Rock, Arkansas. Pastor Stewart and the ACTS church have acquired several blocks of land and blueprints for future
plans to build another New Church Edifice in Little Rock, Arkansas! The Lord has many things in store for Pastor
Stewart and the ACTS Ministries that will continue to build up the people of God and His Kingdom!