Arkansas District Council
Of the
18th Episcopal District Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
Diocesan Bishop Alfonso Madden
Core Values

•        Love
•        Goodness
•        Faith
•        Righteousness
•        Integrity
•        Vision
•        Wisdom
•        Knowledge
•        Training
•        Spirituality

•        To come together in unity and to see a greater influx of souls being brought into the kingdom,

•        To work together to increase unity in the Body of Christ, establish new churches in major

•        Every soul is valuable
•        Families matter
•        Pastors and Churches matter
•        Everyone deserves to be treated Christ like
•        It is leadership’s responsibility to provide training and pastoral care to the Body of Christ
•        The quality of our leadership depends upon our knowledge and spirituality
•        The Oneness of the Godhead
•        Water baptism by Immersion
•        Water baptism in Jesus’ Name
•        The Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues
•        The Bible is the inspired word of God

•        To bring workshops/seminars to offer additional education to help us do our jobs better
•        To offer and provide training from top to bottom
•        To provide training in the field of counseling
•        To create a program which will identify future leaders and train them
•        After training future leaders, to pull from the pool of trained leaders and send them out as
pastors and provide support/assistance to them
cities throughout the state and support those new churches for one year, providing a state
evangelistic team to work with the new church once a month for one year.
to see the Council in a headquartered facility.
•        To train new ministers about the Apostolic/Holiness ministry and its doctrine
•        To provide leadership training every April
•        To develop and maintain a support system for the Body of Christ
•        To develop a written code of leadership ethics on proper interaction with leadership in public
and in private
•        To develop leaders in a Pastoral Ministry / Pastors Track
•        To provide ethical Leadership Training
•        To provide training in Eschatology
•        To provide teaching on the Godhead to solidify the Body’s spiritual knowledge
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